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1 channel 5V 30A Relay Module Power Failure Relay

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The 1 channel 5V 30A Relay Module Power Failure Relay is a 1-channel relay module board with LED indicators, It can be controlled by microcontrollers such as Arduino, AVR, PIC, ARM any other microcontroller operating at 5V. The relay module uses an authentic quality mechanical relay and the industry’s top quality subminiature two-way isolation optical coupling which gives you the strong anti-interference ability, and stable performance.

The user can choose the relay control level, can be a high level off, also can be low level and off. The Single-channel 5V 30A Relay Module Power Failure Relay contains a limited flow resistance, can directly use the power supply is negative control, you can also use the MCU I/O control. The relay module equips a power indicator light (red), 1 road relay status indicator light (blue).With this relay, you can easily control electrical appliances, lights, etc.

Fault-tolerant design, even if the control line break, the relay will not move.

Module interface :-

  1. DC+: DC power supply positive pole
  2. DC-: DC power supply negative pole
  3. IN: signal triggering pin
  4. JD+: relay control voltage positive
  5. JD-: relay control voltage negative

Features :-

  1. Optical coupling isolation, driving ability is strong, stable performance; Trigger current is 5mA
  2. The module can be set high level or low-level trigger by the jumper
  3. Rated current of the interface is 16A
  4. DC+ and JD+ shorted by jumper cap, DC- and JD- shorted with jumper cap, it is the same voltage between trigger terminal and relay control terminal.
  5. High and low-level trigger mode selection. Jumper and L pin connection, IN pin, is low-level trigger Jumper and H pin connection, IN pin, is the high-level trigger.

Specifications :-

Trigger Voltage (VDC) 5
Trigger Current (mA) 20
Switching Voltage (VAC) 250@30A
Switching Voltage (VDC) 30@30A
Length (mm) 50
Width (mm) 33
Height (mm) 24
Weight (gm) 36

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