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1200W DC-DC Boost Step Up Converter 8-60V to 12-83V 20A

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This is a DC-DC constant current boost converter power supply module with DC 10-60V voltage input and DC 12V-83V output voltage. The input and output of the module are designed with screw terminals for convenient wire connection or disconnection. Besides, it equipped with a big heat sink and cooling fan for better dissipation which can help your project a lot. You can also use the module as a driver for high power LED lights or voltage regulator for solar panels.

The module has two multiturn 3296 potentiometers one to adjust the output voltage and one to adjust the output current.


1. High-power LED driver
2. Lithium battery(or lead accumulator) charge
3. Vehicle-mounted power supply
4. Low voltage system power supply
5. 6V, 12V, 14V, 24V battery charge
6. On-board laptop power supply
7. regulated power supply
8.Low voltage power supply system

Note: If the module temperature exceeds 65C, please add a cooling fan, (It can be used at room temperature without a fan)


  • Overcurrent protection: there is a certain range of error in the input over 30A, automatically reducing the output voltage.
  • Short circuit protection: there is (input 40A fuse) double short circuit protection,use more secure.
  • Has big heat sink to dissipate heat properly but can add an external fan to the module.


Input Voltage (V) 10 to 60VDC
Output Voltage(V) 12 ~ 83
Input Current (A) 20
Output Current (A) 12
Operating Temperature (°C) -40 to 85
Efficiency 95%
Length (mm) 130
Width (mm) 52
Height (mm) 46
Weight (gm) 242

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