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2N6027 Programmable Unijunction Transistor (UJT) 40V 300mW TO-92 Package

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2N6027 is Designed to enable the engineer to “program’’ unijunction characteristics such as RBB, IV and IP by merely selecting two resistor values. Application includes thyristor−trigger, oscillator, pulse and timing circuits. These devices may also be used in special thyristor applications due to the availability of an anode gate. Supplied in an inexpensive TO−92 plastic package for high−volume requirements, this package is readily adaptable for use in automatic insertion equipment.


• Advanced process technology

• Low error voltage

• Fast switching speed

• Full-voltage operation

• High power and current handling capability


Gate to Cathode Forward Voltage (VGKF) 40V
Gate to Cathode Reverse Voltage (VGKR) 5V
Gate to Anode Reverse Voltage (VGAR) 40V
Anode to Cathode Voltage (VAK) 40V
Offset Voltage (VT) 1.6V
DC Forward Anode Current (IT) 150mA
DC Gate Current (IG) 50mA
Non−Repetitive Peak Forward Current (ITSM) 5A
Operating Temperature Range -50 – 100°C
Power Dissipation (PD) 300mW


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