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3P4M – 400V – 3A SCR – Thyristor

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The 3P4MH and 3P6MH are P-gate fully diffused mold SCRs With an average on-current Of 3 A. The repeat peak Off- voltages (and reverse voltages) are 400 V and 600 V.


• This transistor features a small and lightweight package and is easy to handle even on the mounting surface due to its TO-202AA dimensions. Processing Of lead Wires and heat sink (tablet) using jigs is also possible.

• Employs flame-retardant epoxy resin (UL94V-O).


Non contact switches Of consumer electronic equipment, electric equipment s, audio equipment, and light industry equipment.


Symbol Parameter Ratings Units
VRSM Non-Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage 500 V
VDSM Non-Repetitive Peak Off-state Voltage 500 V
VRRM Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage 400 V
VDRM Repetitive Peak Off-state Voltage 400 V
IT(AV) Average on-state current 3 (Tc = 87°C, Single half-wave, θ = 180°) A
IT(RMS) Effective on-state current 4.7 A
ITSM Surge Non-Repetitive On-state Current 65 (f = 50 Hz, Sine half-wave, 1 cycle) A
∫ it 2 dt Fusing current 20 (1 ms≤t≤10 ms) A2 s
dIT/dt Critical rate of rise of on-state current 50 A/µs
PGM Peak Gate Power Dissipation 2 (f ≥ 50 Hz, Duty≤ 10%) W
PG(IAV) Average Gate Power Dissipation 0.1 W
IFGM Peak Gate Forward Current 1 (f ≥ 50 Hz, Duty≤ 10%) A
VRGM Peak Gate Reverse Voltage 6 V
Tj Junction Temperature -40 to 125  °C
Tstg Storage Temperature -50 to 150  °C

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