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74LS189 64-Bit RAM with 3-State Output IC (74189 IC) DIP-16 Package

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The 74LS189 is a high speed 64-bit RAM organized as a 16- word by 4-bit array. Address inputs are buffered to minimize loading and are fully decoded on-chip. The outputs are 3-state and are in the high impedance state whenever the Chip Select (CS) input is HIGH. The outputs are active only in the Read mode and the output data is the complement of the stored data.


• 3-State Outputs For Data Bus Applications

• Buffered Inputs Minimize Loading

• Address Decoding On-Chip

• Diode Clamped Inputs Minimize Ringing




Symbol Parameter Min Max Units Conditions
VOL Output Low Voltage XM 0.4 0.5 V VCC= Min
lOL = 16 mA (S189)
XC lOL = 16 mA (74LS189)
VOH Output High Voltage XM 2.8 2.8 V VCC= Min
lOL =  0.4 mA (LS189)
XC lOL = 6.5 mA (74LS189)
IOS Output Short Circuit Current -80 mA Vcc = Max
ICC Power Supply Current 40 mA Vcc = Max; WE, CS, Gnd


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