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8 Channel 12V Relay Module USB (PC Intelligent) Control Switch

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New 8 Channel 12V Relay Module USB (PC Intelligent) Control Switch uses HID technology, dont need any drivers, the download contains application program, plug and play, support Windows 7 and XP 32 bit system(Note that: we have not tested 64 and other systems, so we dont know whether its feasible). We provide application development and C + + library code twice, no VB code, but are all files.

Applications:- Switch control smart home, hotel intelligent switch, hotel intelligent electrical control, intelligent greenhouses, Shopping smart switch, the company plant intelligent switch, timer management cafes, karaoke OK timing control, Physical networking, industrial control equipment, testing equipment power control, street management, intelligent management, centralized power management.

Features :-

  1. Square onboard USB interface for connection stability
  2. The use of imported high-performance USB controller chip
  3. Use the special relay driver chip ULN2803, relay work more stable
  4. Military grade PCB board production
  5. Board power outlets and terminals, two kinds of access to power is flexible. After connecting the power, even if the computer off or unplug the USB from the computer, the relay can also remain set.

Specifications :-

Input Voltage (V) 12
Input Current More than 300mA
Trigger Voltage (VDC) 12
Switching Voltage (VAC) 250@10A
Switching Voltage (VDC) 30@10A
Connection NC/COM/NO
Length (mm) 97
Width (mm) 73

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