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A316J IC – Optocoupler IC – SMD Package

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The A316J Optocoupler with Integrated Desaturation (VCE) Detection and Fault Status Feedback makes IGBT VCE fault protection compact, affordable, and easy-to-implement while satisfying worldwide safety and regulatory requirements. The A316J is an easy-to-use, intelligent gate driver which makes IGBT VCE fault protection compact, affordable, and easy-to-implement. Features such as user configurable inputs, integrated VCE detection, under voltage lockout (UVLO), “soft” IGBT turn-off and isolated fault feedback provide maximum design flexibility and circuit protection.
  • 2.5 A maximum peak output current
  • Drive IGBTs up to IC = 150A, VCE = 1200V
  • Optically isolated, FAULT status feedback
  • SO-16 package
  • CMOS/TTL compatible
  • 500 ns max. switching speeds
  • “Soft” IGBT turn-off
  • Integrated fail-safe IGBT protection – Desat (VCE) detection – Under Voltage Lock-Out protection (UVLO) with hysteresis
  • User configurable: inverting, noninverting, auto-reset, auto-shutdown
  • Wide operating VCC range: 15 to 30 Volts
  • -40°C to +100°C operating temperature range
  • 15 kV/µs min. Common Mode Rejection (CMR) at VCM=1500V
  • Regulatory approvals: UL, CSA, IEC/EN/DIN EN 60747- 5-5 (1414 V peak Working Voltage)


Symbol Parameter Min Max Units
TS Storage Temperature -55 125  °C
TA Operating Temperature -40 100
TJ Output IC Junction Temperature 125
|Io(peak)| Peak Output Current 2.5 A
IFAULT Fault Output Current 8 mA
VCC1 Positive Input Supply Voltage -0.5 5.5 V
VIN+, VIN- and VRESET Input Pin Voltages -0.5 VCC1
(VCC2 – VEE) Total Output Supply Voltage -0.5 35
(VE – VEE) Negative Output Supply Voltage -0.5 15
(VCC2 – VE Positive Output Supply Voltage -0.5 35 – (VE – VEE)
Vo(peak) Gate Drive Output Voltage -0.5 VCC2

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