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A7840 IC – Isolation Amplifier IC

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The 8038 waveform generator is a monolithic integrated circuit capable of producing high accuracy sine, square, triangular, saw tooth and pulse wave forms with a minimum of external components. The frequency (or repetition rate) can be selected externally from 0.001Hz to more than 300kHz using either resistors or capacitors, and frequency modulation and sweeping can be accomplished with an external voltage. The 8038 is fabricated with advanced monolithic technology, using Schottky barrier diodes and thin film resistors, and the output is stable over a wide range of temperature and supply variations. These devices may be interfaced with phase locked loop circuitry to reduce temperature drift to less than 250ppm/oC.


• Low Frequency Drift with Temperature 250ppm/°C

• Low Distortion 1% (Sine Wave Output)

• High Linearity  0.1% (Triangle Wave Output)

• Wide Frequency Range  0.001Hz to 300kHz

• Variable Duty Cycle  2% to 98%

• High Level Outputs TTL to 28V

• Simultaneous Sine, Square, and Triangle Wave Outputs

• Easy to Use – Just a Handful of External Components Required


Parameter Min Max Unit
Ambient Operating Temperature -40 85 °C
Supply Voltage 4.5 5.5 V
Input Voltage (accurate and linear) -200 200 m V
Input Voltage (functional) -2 2 V

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