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AD586 IC – High Precision 5V Reference IC

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The AD586 represents a major advance in state-of-the-art monolithic voltage references. Using a proprietary ion-implanted buried Zener diode and laser wafer trimming of high stability thin-film resistors, the AD586 provides outstanding performance at low cost. The AD586 offers much higher performance than most other 5 V references. Because the AD586 uses an industry-standard pinout, many systems can be upgraded instantly with the AD586. The buried Zener approach to reference design provides lower noise and drift than band gap voltage references. The AD586 offers a noise reduction pin that can be used to further reduce the noise level generated by the buried Zener. The AD586 is recommended for use as a reference for 8-, 10-, 12-, 14-, or 16-bit DACs that require an external precision reference. The device is also ideal for successive approximation or integrating ADCs with up to 14 bits of accuracy and, in general, can offer better performance than the standard on-chip references.


• Laser trimmed to high accuracy

• 5.000 V ±2.0 mV (M grade)

• Trimmed temperature coefficient

– 2 ppm/°C max, 0°C to 70°C (M grade)

– 5 ppm/°C max, −40°C to +85°C (B and L grades)

– 10 ppm/°C max, −55°C to +125°C (T grade)

• Low noise, 100 nV/√Hz

• Noise reduction capability

• Output trim capability

• MIL-STD-883-compliant versions available

• Industrial temperature range SOICs available

• Output capable of sourcing or sinking 10 mA


Parameter Specification
VIN to Ground 36 V
Power Dissipation 500 mW
Storage Temperature −65°C to +150°C
Lead Temperature 300°C
Output Protection Output safe for indefinite short to ground or VIN.

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