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Battle Switch (RCSwitch10)

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Battle Switch (RCSwitch10) is an RC controlled relay switch. It can be turned on and off by using an RC controller. Some example applications of the RCSwitch10 are Powerful auxiliary weapons in RC combat tournament, Glow plugs on nitro RC vehicles, High powered lighting system on RC aircraft, boats, and cars. Domestic appliances and home automation, Non-critical automotive electrics like glow wire.

The battle relay is the switch that can be toggled by the radio controller to control glow plugs, Battle Bot and also high powered lighting systems for large RC aircraft, boats, cars etc.

Features :-

  1. This is a Single Pole Double Throw(SPDT) type of relay
  2. Purposefully designed for RC Applications
  3. The perfect tool for beginners
  4. Can withstand the maximum current of 10A.

Specifications :-

No. of Channels 1
Trigger Voltage (VDC) 5
Trigger Current (mA) 20
Switching Voltage (VAC) 250@10A
Switching Voltage (VDC) 30@10A
Length (mm) 44
Width (mm) 39
Height (mm) 19
Weight (gm) 20

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