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BR1010 – 1.1V 10A Single Phase Bridge Rectifier

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BR1010 Single Phase Bridge Rectifier with 1000V Peak Reverse Voltage. Bridge Rectifier has Four Terminals, the Main Terminals, Labelled Anode and Cathode are Across all Four Layers. The Control Terminal Called the Gate is Attached to P Type Material Near the Cathode, it Acts Exclusively as a Bistable Switch.

These are Used for Power Circuit, Detect the Amplitude of Modulated Radio Signal, Supply Polarized Voltage in Welding, Detecting the Amplitude of Modulated Radio Signals, Supply Polarized Voltage for Welding.


  • Single Phase Bridge Rectifier are Higher Output Voltage, Higher Output Power and Higher Transformer Utilization Factor in Case of Single Phase Rectifier.
  • It Has High Transformer Utilization Factor, It Can be Constructed with or without Transformer, Electric Current is Allowed During Both Positive and Negative Half Cycles of the Input AC Signal.
  • Bridge Rectifier is Smoother than the Half Wave Rectifier.
  • For Single Phase Bridge Rectifier, No Center Tap Transformer is Needed.


  • Type:                               Single Phase
  • Size:                                19.6mm Length, 19.6mm Width, 7.5mm Height
  • Voltage Rating:                 1000V Peak Reverse, 700V RMS, 1.1V Forward
  • Current Rating:                 10A Forward, 200A Surge, 5uA Reverse
  • Temperature Rating:          −55 to 150 Deg C
  • Mounting:                         PCB
  • Thermal Resistance:          9.4 Deg C/W.

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