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DC-DC High Power Adjustable Step-up Module 3.0-35V to 3.5-35V 100W with Digital Display Voltmeter

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The automatic boost module provides a stable power supply. Applicable to an unstable voltage source or voltage conversion. The display part adopts a more advanced microprocessor of the voltmeter. By using the on-resistance of power MOSFET, the current detection resistance is omitted, and the efficiency is improved to the maximum extent, up to 96.4%.

Imported high power low resistance MOS transistors, large package, high current, high-efficiency Schottky, ultra-wide, and thick PCB wiring, are the guarantee of high power, high efficiency, and low-temperature rise. High frequency, high capacity and low resistance (low ESR) aluminium electrolytic capacitor for long-life switching power supply make the output ripple lower.


  • High power 100W.
  • Switch display output and input voltage.
  • Adjustable output voltage.
  • Real-time display voltage.
  • Comes with an excellent heat sink
  • Fixed mounting hole.
  • High-quality terminal block


  • Input voltage: 3 ~ 35V DC
  • Input current: 9A (max)
  • Output voltage: 3.5 ~ 35V DC (this board is the boost plate, the output voltage to> = input voltage)
  • Output current: 6A (max)
  • Output power: 75W, (when the input and output voltage is greater than 20V can reach 128W)
  • Conversion efficiency: 96.7% (highest)
  • Output ripple: 24mV (TYP)
  • Onboard voltage meter range: 4 ~ 40V, error + -0.1V
  • Short circuit protection: Yes (limit current 14A).
  • Input reverse polarity protection: no (if necessary, enter the string into the high current diode).
  • Module Size: 67x43mm
  • Weight: 34g

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