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DS3695 IC – (SMD Package) – Multipoint RS485/RS422 Transceivers IC

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The DS3695 is high speed differential TRI-STATE® bus/line transceiver/repeater designed to meet the requirements of EIA standard RS485 with extended common mode range (+12V to −7V), for multipoint data transmission.
The driver and receiver outputs feature TRI-STATE capability. The driver outputs remain in TRI-STATE over the entire common mode range of +12V to −7V. Bus faults that cause excessive power dissipation within the device trigger a thermal shutdown circuit, which forces the driver outputs into the high impedance state. The DS3696 provides an output pin TS (thermal shutdown) which reports the occurrence of the thermal shutdown of the device. This is an “open collector” pin with an internal 10 kΩ pull-up resistor. This allows the line fault outputs of several devices to be wire OR-ed.
Both AC and DC specifications are guaranteed over the 0˚C to 70˚C temperature and 4.75V to 5.25V supply voltage range.
Features :-
  • Meets EIA standard RS485 for multipoint bus transmission and is compatible with RS-422
  • 15 ns driver propagation delays with 2 ns skew (typical)
  • Single +5V supply
  • −7V to +12V bus common mode range permits ±7V ground difference between devices on the bus
  • Thermal shutdown protection
  • High impedance to bus with driver in TRI-STATE or with power off, over the entire common mode range allows the unused devices on the bus to be powered down
  • Combined impedance of a driver output and receiver input is less than one RS485 unit load, allowing up to 32 transceivers on the bus
  • 70 mV typical receiver hysteresis

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