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Duracell 9V Battery

210.00 + GST

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You can use these Duracell Basic 9V Batteries for your devices like torches and other mini gadgets and toys. These batteries are built to give you long lasting charge for your gadget and tested to hold high density of charge for your usage. These alkaline featuring batteries have many advantages over older carbon zinc batteries. The wide performance in different types of the temperature range is consistent and the pair of batteries give a steady output of energy for your electronic gadget.

High Drain Capacity

The Duracell Basic 9V Batteries have a unique high drain battery feature. Unlike other batteries that usually operate for the low drain usage, this alkaline battery is specifically designed for high drain usage that allows the battery to give high ampere rating for devices that require high power consumption making this one versatile battery for daily use. The advantages of this battery over regular zinc carbon batteries are the high drain capability and the long lasting usage.

Features :-

  • Batteries
  • Ideal For: Remote Controllers
  • Duralock Power Preserve Technology
  • Alkaline Batteries
  • 9 Volts

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