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IR2520D IC – 600V Adaptive Ballast Controller IC

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The IR2520D is a complete adaptive ballast controller and 600V half-bridge driver integrated into a single IC for fluorescent lighting applications. The IC includes adaptive zero-voltage switching (ZVS), internal crest factor over-current protection, as well as an integrated bootstrap FET. The heart of this IC is a voltage controlled oscillator with externally programmable minimum frequency. All of the necessary ballast features are integrated in a small 8-pin DIP or SOIC package.


• 600V Half Bridge Driver

• Integrated Bootstrap FET

• Adaptive zero-voltage switching (ZVS)

• Internal Crest Factor Over-Current Protection

• 0 to 6VDC Voltage Controlled Oscillator

• Programmable minimum frequency

• Micropower Startup Current (80uA)

• Internal 15.6V zener clamp on Vcc

• Small DIP8/SO8 Package

• Also available LEAD-FREE (PbF)


Symbol Parameters Min Max Units
VB High side floating supply voltage -0.3 625 V
VS High side floating supply offset voltage VB-25 VB+0.3 V
VHO High side floating output voltage VS-0.3 VB+0.3 V
VLO Low side output voltage -0.3 VCC+0.3 V
IVCO Voltage controlled oscillator input current -5 5 mA
ICC Supply current -25 25 mA
dVS/dt Allowable offset voltage slew rate -50 50 V/ns
TJ Junction temperature -55 150 °C
TS Storage temperature -55 150 °C
TL Lead temperature 300 °C

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