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L4960 IC – 2.5A Switching Regulator IC

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The L4960 is a monolithic power switching regulator delivering 2.5A at a voltage variable from 5V to 40V in step down configuration. Features of the device include current limiting, soft start, thermal protection and 0 to 100% duty cycle for continuous operation mode. The L4960 is mounted in a Heptawatt plastic power package and requires very few external components. Efficient operation at switching frequencies up to 150KHz allows a reduction in the size and cost of external filter components.


• 2.5a Output Current

• 5.1v To 40v Output Voltage Range

• Precise (± 2%) On-Chip Reference

• High Switching Frequency

• Very High Efficiency (Up To 90%)

• Very Few External Components

• Soft Start

• Internal Limiting Current

• Thermal Shutdown


Symbol Parameters Values Units
V1 Input voltage 50 V
V1 – V7 Input to output voltage difference 50 V
V7 Negative output DC voltage -1 V
Negative output peak voltage at t = 0.1µs; f = 100KHz -5 V
V3, V5 Voltage at pin 3 and 6 5.5 V
V2 Voltage at pin 2 7 V
I3 Pin 3 sink current 1 mA
I5 Pin 5 source current 20 mA
Ptot Power dissipation at Tcase ≤ 90°C 15 W
Tj, Tstg Junction and storage temperature -40 to 150 °C

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