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L4975 (L4975A) IC – 5A Switching Regulator IC

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The L4975A is a step down monolithic power switching regulator delivering 5A at a voltage variable from 5.1 to 40V. Realized with BCD mixed technology, the device uses a DMOS output transistor to obtain very high efficiency and very fast switching times. Features of the L4975A include reset and power fail for microprocessors, feed forward line regulation, soft start, limiting current and thermal protection. The device is mounted in a 15-lead multi watt plastic power package and requires few external components. Efficient operation at switching frequencies up to 500KHz allows reduction in the size and cost of external filter components.


• 5a Output Current

• 5.1v To 40v Output Voltage Range

• 0 To 90% Duty Cycle Range

• Internal Feed-Forward Line Regulation

• Internal Current Limiting

• Precise 5.1v ± 2% On Chip Reference

• Reset And Power Fail Functions

• Soft Start

• Input/Output Sync Pin

• Under Voltage Lock Out With Hysteretic Turn-On

• Pwm Latch For Single Pulse Per Period

• Very High Efficiency

• Switching Frequency Up To 500khz

• Thermal Shutdown


• Continuous Mode Operation


Symbol Parameters Values Units
V9 Input Voltage 55 V
V9 Input Operating Voltage 50 V
V7 Output DC Voltage -1 V
Output Peak Voltage at t = 0.1µs f = 200KHz -7
I7 Maximum Output Current Internally Limited
V6 Bootstrap Voltage 65 V
Bootstrap Operating Voltage V9 + 15
V3, V12 Input Voltage at Pins 3, 12 12 V
V4 Reset Output Voltage 50 V
I4 Reset Output Sink Current 50 mA
V5, V10, V11, V13 Input Voltage at Pin 2,7,9,10 7 V
I5 Reset Delay Sink Current 30 mA
I10 Error Amplifier Output Sink Current 1 A
I12 Soft Start Sink Current 30 mA
Ptot Total Power Dissipation at Tcase < 90°C 30 W
Tj, Tstg Junction and Storage Temperature -40 to 150 °C

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