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LM386 Audio Amplifier Module

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It is a miniature module for amateur projects. Simply connect a 4-8 Ohm speaker and amplify your sound. It can be used with the FM receiver kit or WTV020SD-16P music module. You can definitely use this module for other musical projects also. The chip pin leads can directly input audio signal.


  • Chip: LM386
  • Operating Voltage: 4~12V
  • 200 multiplier benefits circuit design
  • On-board speaker wiring Block
  • On-board 10K variable resistor, you can adjust the volume of the enlarged
  • Onboard power indicator
  • Length: 41mm
  • Width: 13.7mm
  • Height: 10mm
  • Approx Weight: 8gm


  • AM-FM Radio Amplifiers
  • Portable Tape Player Amplifiers
  • Intercoms
  • TV Sound Systems
  • Line Drivers
  • Ultrasonic Drivers
  • Small Servo Drivers
  • Power Converters

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