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LM567 IC – Tone Decoder IC

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The LM567 is general purpose tone decoders designed to provide a saturated transistor switch to ground when an input signal is present within the pass band. The circuit consists of an I and Q detector driven by a voltage controlled oscillator which determines the center frequency of the decoder. External components are used to independently set center frequency, bandwidth and output delay.


• 20 to 1 Frequency Range With an External Resistor

• Logic Compatible Output With 100-mA Current Sinking Capability

• Bandwidth Adjustable From 0 to 14%

• High Rejection of Out of Band Signals and Noise

• Immunity to False Signals

• Highly Stable Center Frequency

• Center Frequency Adjustable from 0.01 Hz to

• 500 kHz


Parameters Min Max Units
Supply Voltage Pin 9 V
Power Dissipation 1100 mW
V8 15 V
V3 -10 V
V3 VA+0.5 V
Operating Temperature Range LM567CM, LM567CN 0 70 °C
PDIP Package 260 °C
SOIC Package 215 °C
220 °C
Storage temperature range, Tstg -65 150 °C

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