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LNK420EG IC – Power Integrations – LED Driver Off Line Switcher IC

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The LNK420EG dramatically simplifies implementation of LED drivers requiring long lifetime, high efficiency, PF >0.9, and TRIAC dimming capability(LNK403-410). The single-stage combined power factor and constant-current controller eliminates a switching stage and the electrolytic bulk capacitor.  The advanced primary-side control used by the LNK420EG device provides accurate constant current control while eliminating the need for an optocoupler and current sensing circuits. LinkSwitch-PH incorporates a 725 V power FET, a continuous-mode PWM controller, a high-voltage switched current source for self biasing, frequency jittering, protection circuitry including cycle-by-cycle current limit and hysteretic thermal shutdown.


• Single-stage combination of power factor correction and accurate constant-current (CC) output

• Enables very long lifetime designs (no electrolytic capacitors)

• Eliminates optocoupler and all secondary current control circuitry

• Eliminates control loop compensation circuitry

• Simple primary-side PWM dimming interface

• Universal input voltage range


Symbol Parameter Min Type Max Units
ICD2 Drain Supply Current 0.5 0.85 1.2 m A
VV Voltage Monitor Pin Voltage 2.75 3 3.25 V
VV(REM) Remote ON/OFF Threshold 0.5 V
DCMAX Maximum Duty Cycle 90 99.9%

LNK420EG-IC datasheet

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