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MAX660 IC – CMOS Monolithic Voltage Converter IC

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The MAX660 monolithic, charge-pump voltage inverter converts a +1.5V to +5.5V input to a corresponding -1.5V to -5.5V output. Using only two low-cost capacitors, the charge pump’s 100mA output replaces switching regulators, eliminating inductors and their associated cost, size, and EMI. Greater than 90% efficiency over most of its load-current range combined with a typical operating current of only 120µA provides ideal performance for both battery-powered and board level voltage conversion applications. The MAX660 can also double the output voltage of an input power supply or battery, providing +9.35V at 100mA from a +5V input. A frequency control (FC) pin selects either 10kHz typ or 80kHz typ (40kHz min) operation to optimize capacitor size and quiescent current. The oscillator frequency can also be adjusted with an external capacitor or driven with an external clock. The MAX660 is a pin compatible, high-current upgrade of the ICL7660. The MAX660 is available in both 8-pin DIP and small outline packages in commercial, extended, and military temperature ranges.


• Small Capacitors

• 0.65V Typ Loss at 100mA Load

• Low 120µA Operating Current

• 6.5Ω Typ Output Impedance

• Guaranteed ROUT < 15Ω for C1 = C2 = 10µF

• Pin-Compatible High-Current ICL7660 Upgrade

• Inverts or Doubles Input Supply Voltage

• Selectable Oscillator Frequency: 10kHz/80kHz

• 88% Typ Conversion Efficiency at 100mA (IL to GND)


Parameter Specification
Supply Voltage (V+ to GND, or GND to OUT) +6V
Storage Temperature Range -65°to +160°C
Lead Temperature +300°C
Operating Temperature Ranges 0°C to +70°C
Continuous Power Dissipation 727mW
Output Short-Circuit Duration to GND 1 sec
OUT and V+ Continuous Output Current 120mA

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