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MT8816AP IC – (SMD PLCC44 Package) – 8 x 16 Analog Switch Array IC

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The Zarlink MT8816AP is fabricated in Zarlink’s ISOCMOS technology providing low power dissipation and high reliability. The device contains a 8 x 16 array of cross-point switches along with a 7 to 128 line decoder and latch circuits. Any one of the 128 switches can be addressed by selecting the appropriate seven address bits. The selected switch can be turned on or off by applying a logical one or zero to the DATA input. VSS is the ground refer-ence of the digital inputs. The range of the analog signal is from VDD to VEE. Chip Select (CS) allows the cross-point array to be cascaded for matrix expansion.
  • Internal control latches and address decoder
  • Short set-up and hold times
  • Wide operating voltage: 4.5V to 13.2V
  • 12Vpp analog signal capability
  • RON 65Ω max. @ VDD=12V, 25°C
  • ∆RON ≤10Ω @ VDD=12V, 25°C
  • Full CMOS switch for low distortion
  • Minimum feedthrough and crosstalk
  • Separate analog and digital reference supplies
  • Low power consumption ISO-CMOS technology
  • Key systems
  • PBX systems
  • Mobile radio
  • Test equipment/instrumentation
  • Analog/digital multiplexers
  • Audio/Video switching
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