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MT8880 IC – DTMF Encoder IC

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The MT8880 is a monolithic DTMF transceiver with call progress filter. It is fabricated in Mitel’s ISO2- CMOS technology, which provides low power dissipation and high reliability. The DTMF receiver is based upon the industry standard MT8870 monolithic DTMF receiver; the transmitter utilizes a switched capacitor D/A converter for low distortion, high accuracy DTMF signaling. Internal counters provide a burst mode such that tone bursts can be transmitted with precise timing. A call progress filter can be selected allowing a microprocessor to analyze call progress tones. A standard microprocessor bus is provided and is directly compatible with 6800 series microprocessors.


  • Complete DTMF transmitter/receiver
  • Central office quality
  • Low power consumption
  • Microprocessor port
  • Adjustable guard time
  • Automatic tone burst mode
  • Call progress mode


Symbol Parameter Min Max Units
VDD DC Power Supply Voltage 6 V
VI Voltage on any pin VSS-0.3 VDD+0.3 V
II Current at any pin (other than supply) 10 m A
TSTG Storage temperature -65 150 °C
PD Package power dissipation 1000  m W

MT8880-IC-DTMF-Encoder-IC Datasheet

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