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Original Sealed Goot Soldering Paste (10g)

185.00 + GST

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Original Sealed Goot Soldering Paste (10g)

Specifications :-

  • Best Quality Product.
  • This soldering paste removes oil or oxides from the surface and improves wettability.
  • Repair work or hobby kits work or any college project work
  • Ideal for both professional as well as hobby users

Paste with the help amateur Best hobby and electronic assembly flux. Does not apply to printed circuit boards. (weak acid) Component / Vaseline 80-90wt%, Zinc chloride 4-6 wt%, Water 2-4wt%, Paraffin 6-9wt%, Ammonium chloride 1-3wt%

* product image for illustration purposes only. actual product may vary.


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