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SM72295 IC – (SMD Package) – Photovoltaic Full Bridge Driver IC

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The SM72295 is designed to drive 4 discrete N type MOSFET’s in a full bridge configuration. The drivers provide 3A of peak current for fast efficient switching and integrated high speed bootstrap diodes. Current sensing is provided by 2 transconductance amplifiers with externally programmable gain and filtering to remove ripple current to provide average current information to the control circuit. The current sense amplifiers have buffered outputs available to provide a low impedance interface to an A/D converter if needed. An externally programmable input over voltage comparator is also included to shutdown all outputs. Under voltage lockout with a PGOOD indicator prevents the drivers from operating if VCC is too low.
  • Renewable Energy Grade
  • Dual Half Bridge MOSFET Drivers
  • Integrated 100V bootstrap diodes
  • Independent High and Low driver logic inputs
  • Bootstrap supply voltage range up to 115V DC
  • Two current sense amplifiers with externally programmable gain and buffered outputs
  • Programmable over voltage protection
  • Supply rail under-voltage lockouts with power good indicator

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