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TADIRAN TL-5902 3.6V 1/2AA Size 1100mAH High Energy Lithium Battery with Lugs

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The Tadiran TL-5902/T iXtra Series is an improvement of the Xtra series for long term high performance. Perfected through 25 years of research, developments and manufacturing expertise, Tadiran lithium thionyl chloride cells outperform all competitors. Their unique design allows Tadiran batteries to pack more power into less space, which equals unparalleled reliability, long life and powerful performance.

Features :-

  • 3.6 V Primary lithium-thionyl chloride (Li-SOCl2)
  • Fast voltage recovery after long term storage and/or usage
  • High energy density
  • High and stable operating voltage
  • Low self discharge rate
  • Bobbin construction
  • Hermetic glass-to-metal-sealing
  • Non-flammable electrolyte

Applications :-

  • Utility Meters
  • Automatic Meter Reading
  • RF Systems
  • Sensors
  • Monitoring Systems
  • Tracking Systems
  • Wireless Security Systems
  • Automotive Electronics
  • Industrial Electronics
  • Ultra Low Power (ULP)

Specifications :-

  • Brand : TADIRAN
  • Model Number : TL-5902 (1/2 AA)
  • Battery Shape : Cylinder
  • Voltage : 3.6V
  • Size : 1/2AA
  • Capacity : 1100mAh
  • Operating temperature range : -55 ºC to +85 ºC
  • Weight : 10gm
  • Diameter : 14mm
  • Length : 25mm

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