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TEA1104 IC – (SMD Package) – Battery monitor and fast charge IC for NiCd and NiMH chargers

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The TEA1104 is manufactured in a BiCMOS process intended to be used as a battery monitor circuit in charge systems for NiCd and NiMH batteries. It is especially designed for cost effective compact consumer applications.
The circuit is able to detect fully charged batteries by current less battery voltage sensing. Several output drive functions are available to control the (reduced) trickle charge current to keep the batteries full with maximum life expectations. The battery full detection is backed up by two independent mechanisms to make the system fail safe; maximum time and maximum temperature.
  • Accurate detection of fully charged batteries by currentless peak voltage sensing
  • Switch-over from fast to safe trickle charge current at battery full detection
  • Fast charge termination back-up by maximum time and maximum temperature detection
  • Several trickle charge drive possibilities for mains isolated and non-mains isolated systems
  • Battery checking to protect against short-circuited and open batteries
  • Battery monitor allows recharging of different battery packs in the same charger
  • Dual LED indicator provision
  • External regulator not required because of large input voltage range
  • Few low cost external components required.
  • Portable telephone
  • Portable computer
  • Portable audio
  • Portable video
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