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TNY276PN IC – Power Integrations Off Line Switcher IC

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The TNY276PN incorporates a 700 V power MOSFET, oscillator, high voltage switched current source, current limit (user selectable) and thermal shutdown circuitry. The IC family uses an ON/OFF control scheme and offers a design fl exible solution with a low system cost and extended power capability.


• Simple ON/OFF control, no loop compensation needed

• Selectable current limit through BP/M capacitor value

• Higher current limit extends peak power or, in open  frame applications, maximum continuous power Lower current limit improves efficiency in enclosed     adapters/chargers

• Allows optimum TNY276PN choice by swapping devices with no other circuit redesign Tight I2f parameter tolerance reduces system cost

• Maximizes MOSFET and magnetic power delivery

• Minimizes max overload power, reducing cost of transformer, primary clamp & secondary components ON-time extension – extends low line regulation range/hold-up time to reduce input bulk capacitance

• Self-biased: no bias winding or bias components

• Frequency jittering reduces EMI filter costs

• Pin-out simplifies heat sinking to the PCB SOURCE pins are electrically quiet for low EMI


Symbol Parameter Min Type Max Units
VBP BYPASS Pin Voltage 5.6 5.85 6.15 V
VBPH BYPASS Pin Voltage Hysteresis 0.80 0.95 1.2 V
VSHUNT BP/M Pin Shunt Voltage 6 6.4 6.7 V
ICH1 BP/M Pin Charge Current -8.3 -5.4 -2.5 m A

TNY276PN-IC Datasheet

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