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TYN612 – 600V – 8A SCR – Thyristor

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The TYN612 12A SCR series is suitable to fit all modes of control found in applications such as over voltage crowbar protection, motor control circuits in power tools and kitchen aids, in-rush current limiting circuits, capacity discharge ignition, voltage regulation circuits. Available in though-hole or surface-mount packages, they provide an optimized performance in a limited space area.


  • On-state RMS current is 12 A
  • Repetitive peak off-state voltage is 600 V
  • Triggering gate current ranges from 5 mA to 15 mA
  • Used as protection circuits, current limiting circuit and control circuits
  • Provide optimized performance in a limited space
  • Available in surface-mount and through-hole package


  • Power Control
  • Switching
  • Zero voltage switching
  • Over-voltage protection
  • Pulse circuit
  • Battery Charging regulator


  • Dynamic resistance: 30mΩ
  • I2t value for fusing: 98 A2S
  • Maximum peak reverse gate voltage: 5v
  • Peak gate current: 4A
  • Operating temperature range: – 40 to + 125 °C
  • Storage temperature: – 40 to + 150 °C

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