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UC3706 IC – (SMD Package) – Dual Output Mosfet Driver IC

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The UC3706 family of output drivers are made with a high-speed Schottky process to interface between low-level control functions and high-power switching devices – particularly power MOSFET’s. These devices implement three generalized functions as outlined below.
First: They accept a single-ended, low-current digital input of either polarity and process it to activate a pair of high-current, totem pole outputs which can source or sink up to 1.5A each.
Second: They provide an optional single-ended to push-pull conversion through the use of an internal flip-flop driven by double-pulsesuppression logic. With the flip-flop disabled, the outputs work in parallel for 3.0A capability.
Third: Protection functions are also included for pulse-by-pulse current limiting, automatic dead-band control, and thermal shutdown.
These devices are available in a two-watt plastic “bat-wing” DIP for operation over a 0°C to 70°C temperature range and, with reduced power, in a hermetically sealed cerdip for -55°C to +125°C operation. Also available in surface mount Q and L packages.
  • Dual, 1.5A Totem Pole Outputs
  • 40nsec Rise and Fall into 1000pF
  • Parallel or Push-Pull Operation
  • Single-Ended to Push-Pull Conversion
  • High-Speed, Power MOSFET Compatible
  • Low Cross-Conduction Current Spike
  • Analog, Latched Shutdown
  • Internal Dead-band Inhibit Circuit
  • Low Quiescent Current
  • 5 to 40V Operation
  • Thermal Shutdown Protection
  • 16-Pin Dual-In-Line Package
  • 20-Pin Surface Mount Package
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