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XDPL8105 IC – (SMD Package) – Digital Flyback Controller IC

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The XDPL8105 is a digital, single stage flyback controller with high power factor for constant current output LED driver. The device offers versatile functions for different applications in indoor and outdoor lighting. The advanced control algorithms in the digital core of the XDPL8105 provide multi-mode operation for high efficiency. Configurable parameters allow last minute changes, shorten the product development and reduce hardware variants. The extensive set of adjustable standard and sophisticated protection mechanisms ensure safe, reliable and robust LED driver for a wide set of use cases.
  • Programmable constant current output with primary side regulation
  • Supports AC and DC input
  • Nominal input voltage range 100VAC – 277VAC or 127VDC – 430VDC
  • Reference board efficiency > 90%
  • Power factor >0.9 and THD < 15% over wide load range
  • Output voltage range can vary by a factor of 4 (e.g. 14V-56V)
  • Highly accurate primary side control output current typ. ±3%
  • Temperature guard with adaptive thermal management with on-chip sensor
  • Digital control selects automatically best mode of operation, depending on actual requirements:-
  1.  QRM (quasi resonant mode)
  2.  DCM (discontinuous conduction mode)
  3.  ABM (active burst mode)
  • Digital parameters
  • Configurable brown-out and brown-in protections
  • Relevant error conditions are monitored and protected:-
  1. Undervoltage
  2. Overvoltage
  3. Open load
  4. Output shorted
  • The XDPL8105 enables to implement high performance and innovative value LED driver with small effort
  • Reduced BoM minimizes system cost and increases flexibility
  • High reliability features improve lifetime of the driver
  • Fast design cycle reduces time to market and efforts for value products
  • Supply chain efficiency optimizes stock keeping and enables high flexibility

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