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0603 Package Surface Mount Resistor Network (Pack of 5)

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Surface Mount Resistor Network. Widely used in Terminal for SDRAM and DDRAM, Computer applications: laptop computer, desktop computer, Consumer electronic equipment: PDAs, PNDs, Mobile phone, telecom, etc.

Specifications :-

Tolerance(%) 5
Maximum Working Voltage (V) 50
Temperature Co-efficient ±200ppm/℃
Operating Temperature Range (°C) –55 to 155
Mounting Type SMD/SMT
Length (mm) 3.2
Width (mm) 1.6
Height (mm) 0.6

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Resistor Value

1.2k ohm, 1.5k ohm, 1.8k ohm, 10 ohm, 100k ohm, 10k ohm, 120 ohm, 120k ohm, 150 ohm, 150k ohm, 15k ohm, 180k ohm, 1k ohm, 2.2k ohm, 2.7k ohm, 22 ohm, 220 ohm, 220k ohm, 22k ohm, 27k ohm, 3.3k ohm, 3.6k ohm, 3.9k ohm, 33 ohm, 330 ohm, 330k ohm, 33k ohm, 4.7k ohm, 47 ohm, 470 ohm, 470k ohm, 47k ohm, 5.6k ohm, 560 ohm, 560k ohm, 56k ohm, 6.8k ohm, 68 ohm, 680 ohm, 680k ohm, 68k ohm, 7.5k ohm, 8.2k ohm, 82 ohm, 820 ohm, 820k ohm, 82k ohm


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