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12V DIY Spot Welding Kit for Lithium Batteries

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This is a DIY Spot Welding kit that may be used to weld 18650/26650/32650 and other lithium batteries. For the power source, you’ll need your own 12V battery. The standard 0.1mm-0.15mm nickel-plated sheet is simple to weld. To perform proper welding, the battery must have a current greater than 100A.

Note: This module operates with high Current, high caution should be taken when using the module. Maintain a safe distance, insulate yourself and wear safety Goggles.

Important: The MOSFET on this module is highly sensitive, proper care should be taken while using it. We provide a minimal replacement for this product due to the nature of its working

Features :-

  • Lightweight and portable, stable and reliable, wear-resistant and can provide long service time, so you do not need to change them often.
  • It can be used for welding common 0.1mm-0.15mm nickel plate, which has a wilder using range.
  • Upgraded to automatic triggered design, do not need to press the button for a long time anymore, completely frees your hands.
  • The welding current is approx. 90-150A, and the voltage approx. 12V-14.6V, you can refer to this parameter.
  • With the switching function: press the switch to switch for 1.5 seconds, blue light means low power, green light means medium power and red light is high power.

Specifications :-

 Operating Voltage Range 12V-15V DC
Welding Current 90A-130A
Working Current 90A-150A
Size 80x40x5mm
Nickel Strip 1 meter

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