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4 Series 14.8V 18650 Lithium Battery Equalization Board

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The 4 Series 14.8V 18650 Lithium Battery Equalization Board is suitable for the lithium battery pack with no equalization charge and the charging balance is balanced Make each battery in the battery pack full of electricity at the same time.

The balance sheet has no charge and discharge protection function and can not replace the protective plate; when the battery is charged, the battery filled with electricity is discharged through the resistance so that the battery can be charged Split equalization.

Pin Description:

  • B connected battery anode
  • B1 connects the battery 1 with the contact in battery 2
  • B2 connects the battery 2 with the contacts in the battery 3
  • B3 Connect the battery 3 to the contact in the battery 4
  • B4 Battery positive

Features :-

  • Type: Voltage Regulator.
  • Supply Voltage:14.8V/16.8V.
  • Dissipation Power:18650 Lithium Battery Balanced Function Board.
  • Operating Temperature: Discharge Shunt balanced 4.2V 66mA.
  • Application:14.8V/16.8V 18650 Lithium Battery Balanced Function Board.


Battery 4 Cell
Supply Voltage (V) 14.8 ~ 16.8
Length (mm) 26
Width (mm) 21
Height (mm) 2.5

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