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74LS139 IC – (SMD Package) – High Speed Dual 1-of-4 Decoder/De-multiplexer IC (74139 IC)

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The 74LS139 is a clamped circuits are designed to be used in high-performance memory-decoding or data-routing applications, requiring very short propagation delay times. In high-performance memory systems these decoders can be used to minimize the effects of system decoding. When used with high-speed memories, the delay times of these decoders are usually less than the typical access time of the memory. This means that the effective system delay introduced by the decoder is negligible. Two active-low and one active-high enable inputs reduce the need for external gates or inverters when expanding. A 24-line decoder can be implemented with no external inverters, and a 32-line decoder requires only one inverter. An enable input can be used as a data input for demultiplexing applications. The 74LS139 comprises two separate two-line-to-fourline decoders in a single package. The active-low enable input can be used as a data line in demultiplexing applications. All of these decoders/demultiplexers feature fully buffered inputs, presenting only one normalized load to its driving circuit. All inputs are clamped with high-performance Schottky diodes to suppress line-ringing and simplify system design.


  • Designed specifically for high speed: Memory decoders Data transmission systems
  • It contains two fully independent 2-to-4-line decoders/demultiplexers
  • Schottky clamped for high performance
  • Typical propagation delay (3 levels of logic): 21 ns
  • Typical power dissipation: 34 mW


Parameter Values
Supply Voltage 7V
Input Voltage 7V
Operating Free Air Temperature Range 0°C to +70°C
Storage Temperature Range −65°C to +150°C


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