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BMS 7S 20A with Connector for 18650 Battery

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This Lithium ion battery protection PCB protect single Lithium ion batteries and it has 20A continuous current. It is suitable for electric drills, motors, or aircraft models which require heavy current load.


  • Overcharge protection function
  • Discharge protection function
  • Over current protection function
  • Balanced protection function
  • Over-current release: Disconnect the load release
  • Short circuit protection function (Disconnect the load can recover)


Supported battery type 7 cells 4.2V Lithium ion battery
Working current 20 A
Static power <500uA
Over current threshold 30 A
Balancing the locus of control 4.18±0.03 V
Overcharge threshold 4.3±0.05 V
Overcharge time delay 75mS
Overcharge release 4.1±0.05 V
Discharge threshold 2.4±0.08 V
Discharge delay 5mS
Length (mm) 90
Width (mm) 46

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