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CD4059 Programmable Divide-by-N Counter IC DIP-24 Package

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CD4059 standard “A” Series types are divide-by-N down-counters that can be programmed to divide an input frequency by any number “N” from 3 to 15,999. The output signal is a pulse one clock-cycle wide occurring at a rate equal to the input frequency divided by N. This single output has TTL drive capability. The down-counter is preset by means of 16 jam inputs.

The three Mode-Select Inputs Ka, Kb, and Kc determine the modulus (“divide-by” number) of the first and last counting sections. Every time the first (fastest) counting section goes through one cycle, it reduces by 1 the number that has been preset (jammed) into the three decades of the intermediate counting section and into the last counting section, which consists of flip-flops that are not needed for operating the first counting section. For example, in the  2 mode, only one flip-flop is needed in the first counting section. Therefore the last counting section has three flip-flops that can be preset to a maximum count of seven with a place value of thousands. If  10 is desired for the first section, Ka is set 1, Kb to 1, and Kc to 0. Jam Inputs J1, J2, J3, and J4 are used to preset the first counting section and there is no last counting section. The intermediate counting section consists of three cascaded BCD decade ( 10) counters presettable by means of Jam Inputs J5 through J16.

This device is particularly advantageous in communication digital frequency synthesis (VHF, UHF, FM, AM, etc.) where programmable divide-by-“N” counters are an integral part of the synthesizer phase-locked-loop sub-system. The CD4059 can also be used to perform the synthesizer “Fixed Divide-by-R” counting function. It is also useful in general-purpose counters for instrumentation functions such as totalizers, production counters, and “time out” timers.

The CD4059B-series types are supplied in 24-lead dual-in-line plastic packages (E suffix), and 24-lead small-outline packages (M and M96 suffixes).


  • Synchronous Programmable  N Counter:N = 3 to 9999 or 15,999
  • Presettable down-counter
  • Fully static operation
  • Mode-select control of initial decade counting function ( 10,8,5,4,2)
  • T2L drive capability
  • Master preset initialization
  • Latchable  N output
  • Quiescent current specified to 15 volts
  • Max. input leakage current of 1 µA at 15 volts, full package-temperature range
  • 1 volt noise margin, full package-temperature range
  • 5-V and 10-V parametric ratings
  • Applications
    • Communications digital frequency synthesizers: VHF, UHF, FM, AM, etc.
    • Fixed or programmable frequency division
    • “Time out” timer for consumer-application industrial controls
    • Companion Application Note, ICAN-6374, “Application of the CMOS CD4059A Programmable Divide-by-N Counter in FM and Citizens Band Transceiver Digital Tuners”


Parameter Specification
Part number CD4059A-MIL
Technology Family CD4000
VCC (Min) (V) 3
VCC (Max) (V) 18
Bits (#) 1
Voltage (Nom) (V) 10
F @ nom voltage (Max) (MHz) 8
ICC @ nom voltage (Max) (mA) 0.03
tpd @ nom Voltage (Max) (ns) 180
IOL (Max) (mA) 1.5
IOH (Max) (mA) -1.5
Function Counter
Type Other
Rating See Data Sheet
Operating temperature range (C) -55 to 125
Package Group CDIP SB | 24


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