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CD54 680uH (681) SMD Power Inductor

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A CD54 680uH Surface Mount Power Inductor (680 microH) is a 2-terminal passive device having a coil of wire wound wrapped around a core. A core may be magnetic metal or air to produce a high inductance in the wire. The terminals are pads for a surface mounting. When we apply a current through the inductor, a magnetic field is generated around it. The magnetic field generated by using a magnetic core will be much much stronger than others.

Applications: Useful in Mobile phone, PDA, MP3, DSC/DVC, portable DVD etc as DC-DC Converter inductors.


  • Ferrite drum core construction.
  • Magnetically unshielded.
  • Moisture Sensitivity Level: 1
  • Halogen Free available.
  • Solder reflow temperature: 260 peak.


Material Core Ferrite
Inductance(uH) 680
Tolerance(%) 15
Current Rating (mA) 280
DC Resistance (DCR)(mΩ) at 20°C 4.05
Test Frequency (KHz) 1KHz/0.25V
Mount Surface Mount.
Operating Temperature (°C) -40 ~ 100

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