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CT60AM-18F IGBT – 900V 60A High Voltage Current IGBT

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The CT60AM-18F is an Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor which is a simple drive and has VCES of 900V,  IC of 60A and Integrated fast-recovery diode. The CT60AM-18F has a low VCE Saturation Voltage and small tail loss.


• Microwave oven

• Electromagnetic cooking devices

• Rice-cookers

• Voltage-resonant inverter circuit electric appliances


Symbol Parameter Ratings Units
VCES Collector-Emitter Voltage 900 V
VGES Gate-Emitter Voltage ±25 V
VGEM  Peak Gate-Emitter Voltage ±30 V
IC Collector Current 60 A
ICM Collector Current (Pulse) 120 A
IE Emitter Current 40 A
PC Maximum Power Dissipation 180 W
Tj Junction Temperature –40 ~ +150 °C
Tstg Storage Temperature –40 ~ +150 °C

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