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Forte ER26500 C 3.6V Li-SOCL2 Battery

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This is Forte Lithium Battery of model ER26500 with 3.6V 2.4 amp of C size. These types of batteries are used in(1) Meter (water, electricity, gas meter, and AMR) (2) Alarm or security equipment (smoke alarm system and detector) (3) GPS system, GSM system (4) Real-time clock, Car electronic (5) Digital remote control machines (6) Radio and other military facilities (7) Remote surveillance systems.

Application :-

  • Memory backup: CMOS memory, RTC(real-time clock) and computer backup.
  • AMR utility meters: Electricity meter, gas meter and water meter etc.
  • Wireless alarm sensors: Smoke alarm systems, temperature monitors etc.
  • Remote monitor systems: GPS, sea buoys, lifejacket lights, life raft lights, cargo-locating systems etc.
  • Automotive and electronics: Automotive security systems, tire-pressure monitoring systems etc.
  • Electronics toll tags: Toll gates
  • Military electronics: Radio communication, night vision equipment, tracking and positioning systems etc.

Features :-

  • High and stable operating voltage
  • Superior voltage response during pulsing
  • Low self-discharge rate (less than 1% after 1year of storage at 20-celsius degree)
  • Non-flammable inorganic electrolyte
  • Non-restricted transport

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