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H11A1 Transistor Output Optocoupler IC DIP-6 package

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The H11A1 is an industry standard single channel photo transistor coupler. The optocoupler consists of gallium arsenide infrared LED and a silicon NPN photo transistor. The isolation performance is accomplished through double molding isolation manufacturing process. Compliance to DIN EN 60747-5-5 partial discharge isolation specification is available is by ordering option 1. These isolation processes and the ISO 9001 quality program results in the highest isolation performance available for a commercial plastic photo transistor optocoupler. The devices are available in lead formed configuration suitable for surface mounting and are available either on tape and reel, or in standard tube shipping containers.


• Interfaces with common logic families

• Input-output coupling capacitance < 0.5 pF

• Industry standard dual-in line 6-pin package

• Isolation rated voltage 4420 VRMS


• AC mains detection

• Reed relay driving

• Switch mode power supply feedback

• Telephone ring detection

• Logic ground isolation

• Logic coupling with high frequency noise rejection


Symbol Parameter Value Unit
VR Reverse voltage 6 V
IF Forward current 60 mA
IFSM Surge current 2.5 A
PV Power dissipation 100 mW
VCEO Collector-emitter breakdown voltage 70 V
VEBO Emitter-base breakdown voltage 7 V
IC Collector current 100 mA
TJ Junction temperature 100 °C

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