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HCPL-4504 A4504 High Speed Optocoupler IC DIP-8 Package

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The HCPL-4504 contain a GaAsP LED. The LED is optically coupled to an integrated high gain photo detector. The HCPL-4504 series has short propagation delays and high CTR. The HCPL-4504 series also has a guaranteed propagation delay difference (tPLH-tPHL). These features make the HCPL-4504 series an excellent solution to IPM inverter dead time and other switching problems. The CTR, propagation delay, and CMR are specified both for TTL and IPM conditions which are provided for ease of application. These single channel, diode-transistor optocouplers are available in 8-Pin DIP, SO-8, and Wide body package configurations. An insulating layer between a LED and an integrated photo detector provide electrical insulation between input and output. Separate connections for the photo diode bias and output-transistor collector increase the speed up to a hundred times that of a conventional photo transistor coupler by reducing the base collector capacitance.


• Short propagation delays for TTL and IPM applications

• 15 kV/µs minimum Common Mode Transient immunity at VCM = 1500 V for TTL/load drive

• High CTR at TA = 25°C,  >25% for HCPL-4504

• Electrical specifications for common IPM applications

• TTL compatible

• Open collector output

• Safety approval:

UL recognized – 3750 V rms/1min. for HCPL-4504

– 5000 V rms/1min. for HCPL-4504 Option 020


• Inverter circuits and Intelligent Power Module (IPM) interfacing: High Common Mode Transient immunity (> 10 kV/µs for an IPM load/drive)

• Line receivers: Short propagation delays and low input-output capacitance

• High speed logic ground isolation: TTL/TTL, TTL/ CMOS, TTL/LSTTL

• Replaces pulse transformers: Save board space and weight

• Analog signal ground isolation: Integrated photo detector provides improved linearity over photo transistors


Symbol Parameter Value Unit
VIORM Maximum Working Insulation Voltage 630 V peak
TS Case Temperature 175 °C
IS,INPUT Input Current 230 mA
PS,OUTPUT Output Power 600 mW
RS Insulation Resistance at TS, VIO = 500 V ≥109 Ω
VPR Input to Output Test Voltage 945 V peak
VIOTM Highest Allowable Overvoltage 6000 V peak

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