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HLK-RM04 UART to Serial Wifi Ethernet Wifi Module

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This isHLK-RM04 UART to Serial Wifi Ethernet Wifi Module. HLK-RM04 A new low cost embedded UART-ETH-WIFI module (serial port-Ethernet-Wireless network).

This product is an embedded module based on the universal serial interface network standard, the built-in TCP / IP protocol stack allows the user, serial port, Ethernet, wireless network (wifi) conversions between the interface.

HLK-RM04 through the module, traditional serial devices do not need to change any configuration. The data can be transmitted through the Internet network. Users provide a quick solution for serial devices to transfer data over Ethernet.

Features :-

  • Serial to WIFI, Ethernet, Ethernet to Wifi multifunction Wifi module, transparent dual-way data transmission
  • Integrated 10/100M ethernet port, Max. baud ratio up to 230.4kbps
  • Adopts Ralink program, high-quality material
  • Reliable system core suit safety and long-run system application
  • Working temperature: industrial class -25~75C
  • Built-in 360M MIPS CUP, 16M RAM, 4M FLASH, wireless baseband, RF front-end, and multi-peripheral bus
  • Support IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, transparent protocol data transmission mode
  • Support WIFI encryption and algorithm, WEP / WAP-PSK / WAP2-PSK / WAPIencryption type WEP64 / WEP128 / TKIP / AES
  • Offer AT+ instruction set, offer friendly web configuration page
  • Built-in antenna or external antenna
  • Support AP and Station mode, AP support iPhone and android connect with WIFI, support AT, Station online simultaneously
  • TCP server/TCP Client/UDP work mode, support network protocol: TCP / UDP / ARP / ICMP / HTTP / DNS / DHCP
  • Support DHCP auto gain IP, support IP distribution at AP Mode
  • Serial speed ratio adjustable up to 320400

Specifications :-

Input Supply Voltage (VDC) 5
Communication Speed 230400 baud maximum
Connection Speed (Kbps) Up to 230.4
Dimensions in mm(LxWxH) 80x50x18

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