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HTC-1 High Precision Large Screen Electronic Indoor Temperature, Humidity Thermometer with Clock Alarm

349.00 + GST

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HTC-1 Digital Multi Monitoring system comes with Temperature thermometer, Humidity hygrometer, Clock with Alarm on the large LCD display which shows Bold Digital figures. This Gadget is generally used for an incubator to monitor Real-time temperature and Humidity with daily Calendar, clock and alarm system on one single large LCD screen display, features one-inch tall digital numbers which can be seen from 50 feet away. It can also add an aesthetic look to your laboratory, work station, home or office.

Three adjustment push of buttons are given along with max and min temperature readings, perfect for home or office, features an economical way to monitor indoor or outdoor temperature and humidity, measures temperatures as low as -58 Fahrenheit ( -50 c ) and up to +158 Fahrenheit ( 70c ), watch has both 12 24 hour format, display temperature, humidity & time simultaneously, memory of max-min humidity & temperature readings, large character LCD display, easy to read, lower power consumption. The Gadget has an option to switch the Unit of temperature between Celsius and Fahrenheit by just pressing a push-button given on the backside.


  • Large LCD display shows big Digital Numbers
  • Temperature, Humidity and Time can be seen simultaneously.
  • It has Stand to use as table-top or Hook for placing on the wall.
  • Integral-hour alarm function
  • Time, Date & Month display
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Adjustment Buttons to select Mode, Setup, and Memory.

Specifications :-

Operating Voltage 1.5VDC (1 x AAA battery)
LCD Size 80 x 60 mm
Temperature Range -50C ~ +70C (-58f ~ +158f)
Humidity Range 20%~99%rh,
Accuracy : Humidity 1% rh, Temperature : +- 1c
Storage Condition -100C~120C
Length (mm) 100
Width (mm) 90
Height (mm) 20

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