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MC34151 High Speed Dual MOSFET Driver IC DIP-8 Package

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The MC34151 is dual inverting high speed drivers specifically designed for applications that require low current digital circuitry to drive large capacitive loads with high slew rates. These devices feature low input current making them CMOS and LSTTL logic compatible, input hysteresis for fast output switching that is independent of input transition time, and two high current totem pole outputs ideally suited for driving power MOSFETs. Also included is an under voltage lockout with hysteresis to prevent erratic system operation at low supply voltages. Typical applications include switching power supplies, dc to dc converters, capacitor charge pump voltage doublers/inverters, and motor controllers. The device is available in dual−in−line packages.


  • Two Independent Channels with 1.5 A Totem Pole Output
  • Output Rise and Fall Times of 15 ns with 1000 pF Load
  • CMOS/LSTTL Compatible Inputs with Hysteresis
  • Under voltage Lockout with Hysteresis
  • Low Standby Current
  • Efficient High Frequency Operation
  • Enhanced System Performance with Common Switching Regulator Control ICs
  • Pin Out Equivalent to DS0026 and MMH0026
  • These are Pb−Free and Halide−Free Devices


Rating Symbol Value Unit
Power Supply Voltage VCC 20 V
Logic Input VIN −0.3 to VCC V
Gate Drive Output-Source Current IO 1.5 A
Maximum Power Dissipation @ TA = 50°C PD 0.56 W
Operating Junction Temperature Tj 150 °C
Operating Ambient Temperature Ta 0 to +70 °C
Storage Temperature Range Tstg −65 to +150 °C
Human Body Model (HBM), Machine Model (MM), Charged Device Model (CDM) ESD 2000, 200, 1500 V


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