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SAFT LS-33600 D 3.6V 17000mAH Li-SOCL2 Battery

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SAFT LS-33600 D 3.6V 17000mAH Li-SOCL2 Battery featuring low base currents and periodic pulses, Saft LS-33600 batteries are ideally suited for long-term applications for security systems, medical devices, and industrial electronics. With an incredible 17000 mAh capacity, these D batteries will provide necessary power and longevity for longer periods between changing batteries. A low self-discharge makes this battery the perfect conduit for low-drain devices and provides a long operating and shelf life. These primary D batteries are operational in below freezing temperatures and extreme heat due to the lithium chemistry that resides within so devices will be reliably powered in any climate they’re in. Not to mention that with superior resistance to corrosion, Saft LS-33600 batteries will last and last.

Features :-

  • High capacity and high energy
  • High voltage response
  • Wide operating temperature
  • Low magnetic signature
  • Bobbin construction
  • Well controlled passivation
  • Hermetic construction with glass-to-metal seal
  • Stainless steel container
  • Non-flammable electrolyte

Applications :-

  • Utility metering
  • Alarms and security
  • Medical devices
  • Tracking systems
  • Professional electronics

Specifications :-

  • Brand : SAFT
  • Battery Type : Li-SOCI2
  • Model No : LS33600
  • Voltage : 3.6V
  • Size : D
  • Capacity : 17000mAh
  • Weight : 90gm
  • Diameter : 33mm
  • Length : 60mm

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