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SANYO CR14250SE 3V Lithium Battery with Plug

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High Capacity Cylindrical Laser Sealed Primary Lithium Battery.

Features :-

  • Specification of CR14250SE High Capacity Cylindrical Laser Sealed Primary Lithium Battery Nominal Capacity *1 Nominal Voltage Standard Discharge Current Max.
  • Discharge Current Continuous *2 Pulse *3 Temperature Range Weight Dimensions Height (H) Diameter (D) *1 850 mAh 3V 0,5 mA 7 mA 70 mA -40°C ~ +85°C 9g 25 ,0 mm 14,5 mm Nominal capacity is determined to an end voltage of 2,0V when t he battery is allowed to discharge at a standard current level at 23°C.
  • Current value is determined so that 50% of t he nominal capacity is obtained with an end voltage of 2,0V at 23°C.
  • Current value for obtaining.

Specifications :-

  • Brand : SANYO
  • Model Number : CR14250SE
  • Battery Shape : Cylinder
  • Voltage : 3V
  • Capacity : 850mAh
  • Temperature range : -40 ℃~ +85 ℃
  • Weight : 10gm
  • Diameter : 14mm

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