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74LS74 IC – (SMD Package) – Dual D-type Positive Edge-triggered Flip-Flops IC (7474 IC)

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The 74LS74 device contain two independent D-type Positive Edge-triggered flip-flops. A low level at preset or clear inputs sets or resets the output regardless of the levels of the other inputs. When preset and clear are inactive(high), data at the D input meeting the setup time requirements are transferred to the output on the positive-going edge of the clock pulse. Following the hold time interval, data at the D input maybe changed  without affecting the levels at the output. The 74LS74 is characterized for operation from O° C to 70° C.


Symbol Parameter Min Type Max Units
VCC Supply Voltage 4.5 5 5.25 V
TA Operating Ambient Temperature Range 0 70 °C
IOH Output Current — High –0.4 m A
IOL Output Current — Low 8 m A


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