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ADC0804 8-Bit Analog to Digital A/D Converter IC DIP-20 Package

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The ADC0804 are CMOS 8-Bit, successive approximation A/D converters which use a modified potentiometric ladder and are designed to operate with the 8080A control bus via three-state outputs. These converters appear to the processor as memory locations or I/O ports, and hence no interfacing logic is required. The differential analog voltage input has good common mode-rejection and permits offsetting the analog zero-input voltage value. In addition, the voltage reference input can be adjusted to allow encoding any smaller analog voltage span to the full 8 bits of resolution.


  • 80C48 and 80C80/85 Bus Compatible – No Interfacing Logic Required
  • Conversion Time <100µs
  • Easy Interface to Most Microprocessors
  • Will Operate in a “Stand Alone” Mode
  • Differential Analog Voltage Inputs
  • Works with Band gap Voltage References
  • TTL Compatible Inputs and Outputs
  • On-Chip Clock Generator
  • Analog Voltage Input Range (Single + 5V Supply)  0V to 5V
  • No Zero-Adjust Required
  • 80C48 and 80C80/85 Bus Compatible – No Interfacing Logic Required


Parameters Specification
Supply Voltage 6.5 V
Voltage at Any Input  -0.3 V to (V+ +0.3 V)
Temperature Range 0°C to 70°C


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