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RFM69HCW 434 MHz Wireless Receiving Module

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RFM69 series wireless communication module is designed to work at 434 MHz ISM band global free application. It is designed for low-power, high-bandwidth wireless digital communications module. The modules have a low cost, small, stable, product consistency and other characteristics, the highest spatial rate of up to 300Kbps, can be widely used in daily life and activities of the occasion requires a wireless connection can also be used for industrial control, access control, attendance, surveillance and security industries. The RFM69HCW uses an SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) to communicate with a host microcontroller, and several good Arduino libraries are available. It supports up to 256 networks of 255 nodes per network, features AES encryption to keep your data private, and transmits data packets up to 66 bytes long.
This RFM69HCW operates on the 915MHz frequency and is capable of transmitting at up to 100mW and up to 300kbps, but you can change both of those values to fit your application. For example, you can maximize range by increasing the transmit power and reducing the data rate, or you can reduce both for short-range sensor networks that sip battery power. At full power and with simple wire antennas, the RFM69 breakout can get messages from one side of a large office building to the other through numerous internal walls. In the open air, you can reach 500 meters or more. With more complex antennas and modulation schemes, similar parts have successfully transmitted from space to the ground. RFM69 series wireless communication module based on whether the band MCU, whether to raise the power amplifier, data interface and packaging methods are divided into a variety of models to choose from, various types of modules within the same family can communicate with each other, all the models of advanced design, the excellent technical indicators meet FCC / CE standard parameters required to meet the clients authentication needs. RFM69 type is without MCU, transmit power below the 13dBm wireless communication module.


  1. Medical devices and remote control
  2. Logistics tracking, warehouse inspection, electronic tags, etc.
  3. Consumer Electronics Wireless Application
  4. Low-power telemetry
  5. Wireless sensor network applications.

Specifications :-

Operating Frequency 433Mhz
Modulation FSK / OOK
Transmit power 13dBm
Receiver sensitivity -120dBm (1.2kb / s in ook)
Transfer rate 300Kbps
Emission current 45mA @ 13dBm
Receiving Current 16mA
Standby current <0.1uA
Data interface SPI interface
Communication distance 0 to 800 meters (1.2kb / s rate, viewing distance)
Antenna Impedance 50
Working temperature -40 ~ 85 C
Power supply DC 1.8V ~ 3.6V

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